Thursday, August 6, 2015

Geekie Awards 2015 Nominees Announced!

The Geekie Awards nominees have been announced, and though I didn't make it this year, those who did are seriously amazing.

Check out the list of this years nominees and honourable mentions HERE.

The categories had to be re-jigged slightly to accommodate the amount of entries, so they became Art, Fashion & Lifestyle, and Crafts & Toys. There are lots of diverse entries for things like music videos, podcasts (scripted and unscripted), trailer videos, web series (reality, scripted, and unscripted), web sites, board games, video games, etc. But these are the top three categories I'm personally watching like a hawk, because these have some great artists that I'm really into.

In Fashion I'm pulling for Sent from Mars (they're all amazing, but her bag designs just kill me).
In Art I'm just fascinated to see who wins - I have no idea who to pull for, they're just all so diverse and good. In Crafts & Toys (what would have been my category) there are some of my most favorite nerdy artist people that I have been admiring for quite some time: (1) Nerdache Cakes (check out her YouTube channel), who I've been loving for a long while now, (2) Wax Nostalgic who makes amazing carvings into crayons who I first discovered through Uppercase Magazine, and (3) Tentacle Kitty - because let's face it, Tentacle Kitty is just freakin' amazing.

Even though they didn't get nominated or make the honourable mentions, if you like horror and gruesome things, then you should also totally check out Cupcake Carnage. I am just in love with their cupcake figures!!

You can still view all the 2015 entries, including mine on the website. I encourage you to browse through and discover new makers you maybe never heard of before, there's some serious talent.

Most importantly, don't forget to view this year's nominees and cast your votes! They need your votes to win in their respective categories!!